Digital Detox - Offline is your new lifestyle

In a society more and more controlled by smartphones, our Tiny Houses offer you the opportunity to relax completely and enjoy freedom in the most beautiful places in nature.

In the tram, in the queue in the supermarket, with the family at the breakfast table: wherever you look, you see people looking at their smartphones. Like a disease, the phenomenon has spread in our society, from which hardly anyone is spared. The smartphone controls our lives. Studies show that many people have forgotten how to "do nothing", that we need constant employment - smartphones, laptops and tablets provide the welcome sprinkling of entertainment, news and information. Whether they are important or not does not matter. And that's not all: The devices trigger the pressure of many to always have to answer messages or emails directly. We suffer from "digital stress".

What it means to sometimes even deal with yourself, we have forgotten. When was the last time you were in nature, taking a long walk and giving free rein to your thoughts? When was the last time you turned off your phone and focused on other things? It is difficult to break out of this vicious circle, but you should dare. Taking a break from the digital world, being out of reach and focusing entirely on yourself - Digital Detox is the countermovement to the smartphone epidemic. Just as a detox tea releases your body of toxins, non-digital phases are a true fasting for your soul. Cell phone-free times and spaces, flight mode and shutdown are the solutions to our problem.

The concept of the Tiny Houses is related to the idea of "digital detoxification": With your small, mobile home you are independent and self-sufficient. You can live as and where you want, in harmony with nature and far away from any civilization. This gives you the wonderful opportunity to turn off your phone or even create a smartphone-free zone. So you can be completely free from the outside world. You will see how fantastic this feeling is - true freedom. No vibration, ringing and flashing. No pressure, no distraction and a waste of time. Get involved in this adventure. Offline is your new lifestyle.

SOFREE offers Tiny Houses for rent starting from September. So you can take a break anytime. Discover the Tiny House in the most beautiful places in nature. Our tiny houses were built with eco wood which reinforces your harmony with the environment: pure nature. Feel free and independent - enjoy the moment and switch off.

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